Project name: UAB „Fratribus“ e-commerce model implementation
No. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860-01-1559
Fratribus, UAB, company code 302983851

The amount of project costs is EUR 64,344.00
Allocated financing in the amount of EUR 48,258.00

The aim of the project:
Implementation of information technology to manage business transactions electronically to increase revenue growth

Task no. 1.: Email creating a self-service website

Activity: Implementation of customer self-service solutions by e-mail. in the platform and integration with the resource management system.
A fully functional e-mail was created. self service website.

Fratribus, UAB currently provides various construction services, performs construction work from the beginning of construction to completion. The e-commerce platform will trade construction services currently provided by Fratribus, UAB, which will simplify the service selection process up to the selection of the most suitable service preparation, specifying its parameters to the necessary and easy and fast ordering of a service or several services by paying and confirming full payment and other conditions by electronic trading platform. Original Fratribus, UAB services will also be sold on the e-commerce platform

Fratribus, UAB Project tasks according to action program measure no. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860 „E. business model for COVID-19′:
Fratribus, UAB plans to expand and improve the already provided construction services and create original sales promotion tools/services. The company plans to reorient and digitize processes through customer self-service solutions on service electronic trading platforms, modify and update service order management solutions.
During the project there will be:

  1. The services currently provided by Fratribus, UAB have been assessed and attractive and user-friendly e-commerce platform solutions have been created for the currently sold services, which allow ordering the services provided by the company, convenient payment and collection/use of orders.
  2. The rated companies are planned to create new services and service groups and integrate them into e-commerce platforms together with the services already provided, creating a unified modern sales and order management system.
    Project executor:

UAB Fratribus