Sale of companies

We sell new fully-fledged UAB companies with a share capital of EUR 2500. You can also choose a company with a larger share capital of EUR 15 000 or EUR 30 000. The price of the company includes: registration address in Vilnius, including free correspondence service, registration documents, stamp, bank account, etc.

FINITA offers special prices and solutions for those who want to quickly acquire a private limited liability company (LLC) and start operating immediately:

New UAB (non-VAT payer) without accounting services – € 877*

New LLC (VAT payer) without accounting services – €1500 to €2300 + VAT*

* We apply discounts to the company’s selling price when you order FINITA accounting or other services.

Acquiring FINITA companies for sale is SAFE – we provide a reliable guarantee that the company for sale is debt-free, has no contractual or warranty obligations, and that the company’s accounting records are in order. In short, FINITA companies for sale are “clean” and ready to go, whether they are new or “old” companies with a history of operations.

To order a new FINITA for sale LLC , a company with a history of activity or to obtain additional information:

Please fill in this contact form and we will get back to you shortly

Email [email protected] (please write your name, company name, your question and we will get back to you shortly)

Call tel.+370 5 2335050 or tel. +370 600 20027, skype finita-baltic