Company establishment packages

At your request, we will carry out all incorporation procedures – we will prepare the incorporation documents, submit them for notarial approval and register them in the Register of Legal Entities. If you prefer standard company formation documents (memorandum or articles of association, articles of association or bylaws), you can choose to set up your company electronically. For this you will need a certified electronic signature, your own premises for the company’s registered office address or the consent of the owner of the premises (in which case the owner of the premises must also have a certified electronic signature). A certified electronic signature costs a lot (currently around €44) and it is not easy to get a registration address if you do not have your own premises. Therefore, FINITA offers the use of a premises address and a certified electronic signature when setting up a new company electronically.

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FINITA Setting up a small partnership is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to set up a new company from the comfort of their home or office, while keeping start-up costs to a minimum. By ordering a FINITA Small Partnership Formation service, your Small Partnership will be established quickly and reliably. Your start-up costs will be reduced, not increased – FINITA will provide and broker the best prices

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